About Us

GSR is the first Moroccan private institution to have been approved by the French Ministry of National Education in 2007, from preschool to high school. The French mission of GSR offers education in accordance with the programs of the French Ministry of National Education. From preschool to high school, your child can develop their skills in French, classical Arabic, and English while receiving an excellent education and instilling civic values.


Warranted Success:

 All sections of GSR are approved by AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad). For your child, this means the guarantee of receiving an excellent education, practically ensuring their success in obtaining the baccalaureate – the success rate of our students is 98%. Additionally, the recognition of studies and exams throughout the entire French territory significantly increases their chances of success in their professional career worldwide.


A Source of Enrichment:

 The French mission section of GSR provides your child with the opportunity to evolve in a binational and bicultural environment, which is a source of mutual enrichment. This environment promotes multilingualism while preserving the identity of each individual and a balance between Moroccan and French cultures. GSR also implements a system that promotes the acquisition of strong human values (tolerance, respect, understanding of others, etc.) and the development of an independent personality. By studying at GSR, your child opens up to the world through language journeys or extracurricular activities, gains a deep awareness of sustainable environmental practices, and discovers their vocation while benefiting from personalized support from a permanent team of experts.