At Groupe Scolaire la Résidence, we encourage our students to explore the world and question it. Our teaching method progresses from simple to complex, allowing students to strongly build their initial knowledge. We make use of observation, manipulation, and experimentation to promote an active approach that helps students gain a deep understanding and practical application of the ideas and concepts addressed.

We invite families to join our educational community at GSR, where we believe that discovery, exploration, and innovation are the foundations of our teaching. Together, we strive to educate the curious minds of tomorrow so that they are better equipped to face challenges and contribute positively to our world.

Sciences and Technology: Beyond Knowledge Acquisition

The teaching of science and technology in elementary school goes beyond just imparting knowledge. It is a cultural challenge that seeks to preserve a universal heritage derived from human intelligence. By starting at a young age, we lay the necessary groundwork for lifelong learning in science and technology, honing students' reasoning skills over time.

Development of Critical Thinking and Scientific Approach

Our students are equipped with a sharp and critical mind through education in scientific methods and reasoning. They are taught to differentiate between scientific and technological facts versus opinions or beliefs. This prepares them to become well-informed citizens who can comprehend and tackle current societal issues, such as climate change, biodiversity, and health challenges.

Commitment to Equality and Shared Discovery

At our school, we are committed to promoting scientific and technological interests among all our students, regardless of their gender. Our teachers have a crucial role in creating opportunities for exploration and discovery in these fields while actively challenging gender stereotypes from an early age. The teaching of science and technology at our school is also a place of shared enjoyment, where students are encouraged to celebrate discoveries in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and curiosity.

Join Our Journey of Scientific and Technological Exploration

We at Groupe Scolaire la Résidence welcome families to join our educational community, where scientific exploration and the joy of discovery are intertwined. We work together to prepare young minds to succeed in an ever-changing world with knowledge, curiosity, and a critical mindset.

Scientific Knowledge and School Curriculum at Groupe Scolaire la Résidence

Construction of Scientific Knowledge: A Dynamic and Rigorous Process

At Groupe Scolaire la Résidence, we believe that scientific knowledge is developed through rigorous research that involves continually questioning and reevaluating existing knowledge. For scientific knowledge to be considered robust and widely accepted, it must reach a consensus within the scientific community. This principle is fundamental to our educational approach, where we aim to foster in students an understanding of the evolving nature of science.

Didactic Transposition: From Science to School Knowledge

In our teaching programs, we integrate a didactic transposition, transforming scientific knowledge into a teaching object suitable for school. This transposition, different from scientific popularization, allows scientific knowledge to be made accessible while retaining its methodological rigor. We ensure that this didactic knowledge remains faithful to the principles of the scientific method.

The School Curriculum: Defining and Transmitting Knowledge

The curriculum we follow at our school clearly outlines the knowledge that our teachers must impart to the students. Once the students assimilate this knowledge, it becomes a lasting part of their understanding. This process is necessary for students to comprehend, apply, and evaluate scientific and technological concepts in different contexts.

A Balanced and Thoughtful Approach to Scientific Education

Our scientific and technological education approach aims to balance rigor with accessibility. We aspire to develop students' understanding, reasoning, and ability to apply science and technology in everyday life.