"Awakening Minds, Building Futures

At Groupe Scolaire la Résidence, we believe in an education that awakens curiosity and stimulates the desire to explore. Our pedagogical approach, rooted in over four decades of experience, is designed to guide students on a journey of discovery, from the first steps of kindergarten to the academic challenges of preparatory classes.

Our philosophy is based on three fundamental pillars:

Active Learning: We encourage our students to become active learners. Through observation, manipulation and experimentation, they learn to question the world around them, seek answers and apply their knowledge creatively.
Structured progression: Our teaching progresses from the simple to the complex, enabling students to build a solid foundation and gradually develop a deep understanding of the concepts covered. This methodical progression is essential for harmonious intellectual growth.
Practical Application: We believe that true understanding comes from the practical application of ideas. Our curriculum is designed so that students don't just learn facts, but understand how those facts fit into the real world, enabling them to become enlightened, responsible citizens.
In short, at Groupe Scolaire la Résidence, we are committed to developing curious and critical minds, capable of meeting tomorrow's challenges and making a positive contribution to society. Our ultimate goal is to prepare our students not only for academic success but also for life, equipping them with the skills and confidence to navigate an ever-changing world."