High School la Résidence 15- 18 years

HIGH SCHOOL A Multilingual and Digital Education for Tomorrow's Leaders

Our high school provides a unique educational program that combines French and Moroccan curricula with a multilingual, digital, and hands-on approach to language learning. In addition, we offer a specialization in artificial intelligence to help our students prepare for success in an increasingly globalized and technologically advanced world.

 Melting Pot of Cultures: A Diverse Environment Open to the World

Our educational philosophy centers around the idea of cultural diversity, which enhances the learning experience of every student. Our high school acts as a meeting point for various perspectives and nationalities, promoting a deeper appreciation and understanding of the world we live in.

Educational Innovation: Our Ongoing Commitment

At the core of our educational approach lies pedagogical innovation. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends, integrating new methodologies and technologies to remain at the forefront of modern education. Our teachers are dedicated to an ongoing search for the best educational practices, continually enriching our curriculum.

Educational Excellence and Cognitive Sciences

Our educational excellence is the product of a profound dedication from our teachers and a continual awareness of advancements in cognitive sciences. This approach guarantees that our students receive an education that meets rigorous academic standards and provides optimal preparation for intricate intellectual challenges.

Diverse Pathways: General and Technological Baccalaureate

The high school provides an extensive range of specialized courses for students to select pathways that align with their interests and career goals, whether in the context of the general or technological baccalaureate.

The baccalaureate reform has brought about a significant change in the orientation of high school students. Starting from the second year of general studies, students are invited to choose three specialty subjects, which will guide their academic and professional path. In the first year, this selection is narrowed down to two specialties, to be continued in the final year, marking an essential step in defining their study project.