Elementary la Résidence 6 to 11 years

Elementary Section "La Résidence" - Awakening Students' Natural Curiosity: Discovery-based Pedagogy

At La Résidence Elementary School, our mission is to provide quality education that respects each child's pace. We value openness to the world and encourage each student to explore their passions, make their own choices, and develop autonomy.

Preparing Students for 21st Century Challenges

In a world where jobs constantly evolve with new technologies, students at La Résidence Elementary School are prepared to become versatile adults capable of continually updating their skills. We train them to be ready for continuous learning, adaptability, effective problem-solving, collaboration, and effective communication, while also developing critical and analytical thinking and fostering creativity and initiative.

"SMART Time" Program: Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Robotics, and Technologies

To equip our students with the necessary skills to excel in the future, we have implemented the innovative "SMART Time" program. This program encompasses Sciences, Mathematics (engineering and problem-solving), Arts (creativity), Robotics (construction and programming), and Technologies (ICT). It introduces students to complex and stimulating projects, allowing them to learn through action using a proven problem-solving and engineering approach.

Learning through Fun and Integrating Technologies

Within the "SMART Time" framework, students are introduced to programming, experiment with robotics, and learn to create and build objects using scientific, mathematical, and physical concepts. This playful and technological approach promotes deep and engaging learning.

Cultivating Essential Skills for a Globalized Future

We are committed to developing key skills in our students: scientific curiosity, awareness of global events, mastery of multiple languages, intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, general knowledge, tolerance, and effective communication. Our goal is to train individuals who are open to the world, capable of sharing their knowledge, and actively engaging in their community.

Individual Support for All Students

We pay special attention to the academic perseverance of each student, taking into account their individual needs. Whether overcoming learning difficulties or taking on new challenges, we are dedicated to guiding each child, whether a girl or a boy, in their educational journey.

Developing Research and Knowledge Sharing Skills

We encourage our students to develop their ability to consult various sources to answer their questions and share their findings through different media. This is an integral part of our approach to preparing students to be active learners and competent communicators in an interconnected world.

Revolutionizing Teaching for a Better Future

To achieve these ambitious goals, we have revolutionized our vision of teaching. Our educational team is committed to a complete overhaul of educational methods, implementing an innovative and adaptive pedagogical project.

Discovery-based Pedagogy: Awakening Students' Natural Curiosity

At the core of our pedagogical approach is the belief that learning is more effective and memorable when based on discovery. By encouraging our students to explore, question, and experiment, we awaken their natural curiosity and promote deep and meaningful learning. This method allows students to actively engage in their education, developing a richer and more nuanced understanding of the world around them.

Cultivating Methodical Thinking and Critical Thinking

We place great importance on promoting methodical thinking and critical thinking in our students. By exposing them to complex problems and guiding them in the systematic analysis of situations, we prepare them to become independent thinkers and competent problem solvers. This approach encourages students to critically examine information, evaluate different perspectives, and develop strong and well-founded arguments.

An Integrated Educational Approach

Our discovery-based and methodical thinking pedagogy is integrated into all subjects and activities, from sciences and mathematics to arts and technologies. This allows students to see the connections between disciplines and understand how skills and knowledge acquired in one area can be applied in another.

Preparing Students for the Future

By cultivating methodical thinking and critical thinking, we prepare our students not only to succeed in their studies but also to thrive in their personal and professional lives. They will be equipped to navigate a constantly changing world, tackle challenges, innovate, and contribute meaningfully to society.

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