Prépas La Résidence Bouskoura

La Résidence Preparatory Classes in Bouskoura Green Town:

La Résidence Preparatory Classes opened two years ago at the large La Résidence Bouskoura campus, located 15 minutes from Casablanca. The Bouskoura campus is an innovative and ambitious concept that provides students with the latest digital technologies, a streamlined curriculum adapted to modern, relevant knowledge requirements, and is overseen by nationally and internationally certified professionals. Always striving for excellence, La Résidence Preparatory Classes in Bouskoura offers an ingenious and unique pedagogical, cultural, and sports solution in Morocco. It is a technologically advanced campus that adheres to the most stringent environmental standards. La Résidence Preparatory Classes in Bouskoura is designed as a living space where students can study, share, communicate, and have extraordinary human and intellectual experiences. You will have the opportunity to experience excellence in a new setting.