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Student Councils: Fostering Student Participation and Democracy

A Student Council is a student-led organization comprised of middle school elected or volunteering students, who regularly convene to discuss, deliberate, and make decisions regarding various aspects of school life. It serves as a participatory governance body that empowers students to voice their opinions, advocate for their interests, and contribute to the enhancement of their middle school experience.

Discussions during Student Council meetings encompass a wide array of topics, including the layout of common areas, the planning of school events, enhancing communication channels between students and the administration, promoting student well-being, spearheading environmental initiatives, organizing extracurricular activities, and more. Council members not only propose ideas but also engage in robust debates, considering various alternatives before reaching collective decisions through voting.

The overarching goal of a Student Council is to foster active student involvement in school life, offering them a tangible experience of democracy. It strives to create an inclusive and compassionate environment while nurturing students'; skills in active citizenship and responsibility.

In essence, a Student Council stands as a participatory governing body where middle school students gather to discuss, offer suggestions, and make decisions regarding various facets of school life, all in collaboration with responsible adults.


High School Student Council: Amplifying Student Voices

The High School Student Council is an analogous entity in the La Résidence School Group, but it caters to high school students. Student representatives in this council play a pivotal role in igniting new discussions and deliberations about issues that affect all high school students.

These councils have a twofold mission: to champion participation and collective decision-making while proposing projects aimed at improving student life. These projects may involve organizing outings, cultural, scientific, or artistic events, or contributing to the implementation of citizenship and sustainable development education initiatives.

Student representatives, who also serve as spokespersons, strive to facilitate communication across the diverse members of the school community, ensuring that everyone's expectations and proposals are heard and considered.

Student councils serve as democratic spaces where every member has the opportunity to express their opinions, suggest initiatives, and take part in decisions that shape life within the institution. The ultimate aim is to foster a harmonious and serene atmosphere conducive to learning and personal development.