School Bus

The Group Scolaire La Résidence offers a reliable and safe school transport service for students throughout the school year, subject to availability. The service is supervised by experienced professionals who work under the guidance of La Résidence School Group.

We serve a wide range of areas, from Deroua to Berrechid, from Dar Bouazza to Mohammadia, and including Belvédère, Roches Noires, and Zenata. Our goal is to provide quality education without limiting the distance. Therefore, we pick up your children from wherever you are located.

We provide comfortable and stress-free school journeys for your children. Our modern buses are designed to cater to all ages, from kindergarten to high school, ensuring optimal comfort and top-notch safety. We welcome and recognize each child in a spacious environment, making the journey to school an enjoyable experience.

With La Résidence, you can say goodbye to traffic jams, morning stress, and long waits. Your child's journey to school becomes a pleasant moment, an extension of the school day.